Swenna: World’s First Wireless Charger Bag


Everybody is a digital nomad these days. You carry a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet, a smartwatch every day, everywhere and these devices are power hungry. Basically, you always need a power outlet or power bricks. Is it good though? Are there a better solution? We believe yes. and we developed worlds first true wireless charger bag available.

Our bags can charge your phone without any wires or connectors. Just put your phone inside your Swenna and it starts charging. You don’t have to push a button, you don’t have to do plug in. This is what true wireless charger bag is.

Swenna Mesa wireless charger bag
Swenna Mesa wireless charger hand bag.

And when you got home just put your Swenna over its charging pad. Your bags battery charges wirelessly too. It is that simple. Swenna is the easiest way to keep your mobile devices always charged.

And now let’s talk about the future. This is not all we can. We believe wearable technologies are the future. We believe wearable technologies will carry the human race forward. And we want to shape the future of wearable technologies. For this purpose, we will not stay as a wireless charger bag manufacturer.

In near future, our bags can charge your USB-C powered laptop or any other mobile device you have. Let’s say you have a MacBook which can charge through USB – C port. Your Swenna bag can charge your computer too. And even at regular speed.

Swenna wireless charger bag backpack
Wireless charger backpack

When you receiving a call, your bag will vibrate and you can easily reject the call with just touching your bags handle if you are not available at that moment. You can customize these vibrations. You can assign different vibrations to different people. This way you can understand who is calling without even looking your phone.

Swenna Kimbley wireless charger bag
Swenna Kimbley wireless charger backpack

We made wireless charging handbags possible but we will not stay with this. We can make all of these features above and more possible too. But not without your support.We will start a Kickstarter campaign soon and we desperately need your support on Kickstarter. If you want to help the future of wearable technologies and got the coolest bag in the world, just leave your e-mail below and we will inform you about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

3 thoughts on “Swenna: World’s First Wireless Charger Bag

  1. Lucy says:

    This really interesting. I own a Swenna handbag and it is really nice to have. All my friends are impressed when they saw my phone is charging without anything inside my bag. Really excited about the future. Will handbag owners get discount on new products?

    • Atakan Sayin says:

      Hello Lucy, I am really happy to hear that you loved your Swenna. You are one of our first customers, you believed us before anyone else and this is important for us. Handbag owners will get special discount on new products, we will send you email about this when new products are live. Have a nice day.

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